About MakmendeFx

At MakmendeFx, our goal is to be where amateur and advanced retail traders around Africa can go to safely engage in and profit from the financial markets. We started as a small proprietary trading company in Nairobi. Now, we want to help other traders to pursue their trading career without risking a bigger chunk of their own hard-earned cash, rather use a small portion of their savings to leverage it and attain a bigger trading account thus shortening their journey towards managing a bigger account with much higher returns.

MakmendeFx idea was conceived by 2010, but officially incorporated in 2020 by Michael a successful Forex Trader, who hadn’t always been all that successful. In fact, he blew more than three retail brokerage accounts before learning the keys to consistent profitability by participating in a simulated trading evaluation in various competitions worldwide. It was this experience that led Michael to create MakmendeFx, a place where aspiring traders could learn to manage risk, gain confidence and ultimately trading sizable live capital without putting their life savings on the line.

Our goal is to grow MakmendeFx trial program into an international investment company and a global platform where thousands of traders will gather more knowledge and efficiency in management of capital in the markets, putting more traders across Kenya and the region in the right place to succeed. We are always on the lookout to improve our services, expand our offerings, and providing development to up-and-coming traders and providing a better platform for them to turn into professionals. Thus, trading the MakmendeFx capital in various ways and, on the other hand, creating successful retail traders who will go and build competitive money management companies that will have the possibility of building investment portfolios that have no precedent in Kenya and the East African Region.

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